What does BSL Communication offer?

We offer a wide range of effective Deaf awareness and basic sign language training combined with extra-curricular activities.

Years of experience allows us to deliver a wide range of services, tailored to meet with the specific requirements of schools, public services, community groups and one-to-one tuition.

We also provide Taster sessions for those people and organisations that really want to understand BSL, please use the Contact Us form to ask about arranging a taster session.

Our training is suitable for all age groups, fun as well as educational. Our aim is to help people develop their communication skills by breaking down communication barriers.


After school clubs and extracurricular activities

Enrichment activities

Sixth form extension studies

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Student Personal & Social Health Education (PSHCE)



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Public Services


Fire and Emergency Services

Health and Care




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Community Groups & Charities


Church Groups

Youth Groups


Community Group


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One-to-One Tuition and Courses

One-to-one training and tuition

Deaf awareness courses

Taster courses

BSL Beginners Courses

Signature BSL Level 1 Courses




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How long does it take?

Taster sessions (up to 1 hour)
Short courses (5-10 weeks)
One-to One (from 1 hour to a full day)
We can tailor our flexible training to meet with your specific requirements

What are the Timings?

Before and after school
Morning or Evening :-  School timetable time
Half term and Summer holidays
We are flexible and can meet with your time constraints


It was a great experience and I really enjoyed knowing more than just the alphabet. I thank sir for coming and I will remember this always.


Good learning experience and the teacher was nice and helped us understand from his own perspective how to speak – showed us basic everyday words that apperaed confusing, VERY GOOD.


The experience has been amazing , as I have learnt lots of new ways in communicating.

Titus Salt , 6TH FORM

It was fun to learn sign language because it is something I never thought I could or would.


Really enjoyed and I like learning through conversation.

Harrogate Grammar School, Sixth Form

Aftab taught us how everyone is unique and it’s OK to be different.

I found it inspirational to learn a new language from scratch


Really enjoyed course. Will be good to use with our students. Thank you

Traveller Training Team

Developed our intellectual skills. The lessons were good. Really enjoyable.

Accrington, 6th Form

Aftab was very easy to follow and was quick to help when we found a sign too difficult.

Crescent Nursery

I learnt a good amount of sign language which could be implied to everyday life.

Bradford Grammar School, 6th Form

Learning something different.

The Olive School, Year 6

I enjoyed teaching others what I’ve learnt and you can experience how a person who uses BSL feels.

Bradford Academy, 6th Form

***** (5 Stars)

Horsforth School, 6th Form

I really enjoyed it, I feel like we learnt a lot but it wasn’t too serious so it was lots of fun.

Always answered our questions and made sure we understood what was going on.

Horsforth School, Year 12

Good amount of time to practice.

Horsforth School, Year 13

Better than learning French.

It’s good to talk to someone who is from the non hearing world.

Holy Catholic School, Keighley, Year 9

I enjoyed learning the sign language because my brother is deaf and it will help me at home.

I knew nothing about sign language before. And I can help someone with sign language.

”I liked learning how to spell my name”

”A very informative, easy step go at BSL. The children were all engaged and enjoyed the session”

Pinders Primary School, Wakefield, Year 4

Amazing – picked it up quickly.

Really fun! something new to learn.

Amazing – one in a lifetime experience.

Westwood Park Primary School, Year 5

Very friendly teacher, approachable and learnt lots.

Very informative, learning style was good and the teaching was done at a good pace.

Good teacher, very interesting + useful.

Titus Salt School, Year 12

Just thought you should know that the girls REALLY enjoyed the session yesterday they were showing me signs and were really buzzing!

Batley Girls High School , (staff)

BSL was an amazing experience, wherein I was able to expand my skills and hopefully aid the wider community with the knowledge I have learnt.  Thank you!

Batley Girls High School , (students)

I have really enjoyed your sessions with us and I know the children have! Thank you, you have been a great teacher.

St Mary’s Primary School, Wakefield

Absolutely fantastic workshop.  Really engaging and the children enjoyed it! We all would love to learn more and wish the session was longer!

Holybrook Primary School, Years 2-6

Aftab taught pupils from aged 7-16. He inspired the pupils he worked with and they all found the lessons, engaging and challenging. We look forward to him coming back to Ackworth School as the pupils learned a great deal and want the lessons to continue. The lessons were imaginative and interactive.

Ackworth School

I thought it was great that Mr Hussain could come in and teach us what it is like to communicate differently.

Altofts Primary School, Wakefield, Student

Very clearly taught and structured. Was good and really helpful learning how to sign in a conversational way, rather than just vocab.

Little Lane Church Community Group , (Adults)

We have used Aftab for enrichment work with our year 9 students, which has been really empowering for the students as they begin to learn a valuable life skill.

Dixons Trinity Academy

Aftab delivered fun and informative signing sessions over 4 weeks. Our clients thoroughly enjoyed them and learned a lot!

Sedbergh Youth and Community Centre

Aftab has delivered the Sign Language Course to our students over the past few years.  The students found the course to be enjoyable and it helped them to understand the difficulties of communication faced by those with hearing impairment.

Ilkley Grammar School, 6th Form

He was very good at teaching us, he had a lot of patience and helped each individual in the class.

Student at Skipton Girls’ High School

The course was highly engaging and allowed me to broaden my knowledge – it now allows me to communicate with a wider range of people.

Student at Holy Family Catholic School

I absolutely loved today. Its been very informative … I would love to learn more Sign Language. And Aftab is adorable and so kind!

Sixth Form Student at Titus Salt School

We’ve learnt lots of new things and it was a really fun experience. It was interesting every week and we would love to learn more.

Sixth Form Students at Horsforth School

The course was an eye opener to the world of Sign Language.

Sixth Form Student, North Halifax Grammar School

I think the Sign Language course was a fun way to learn a new language and was very involving, it was very good how our teacher didn’t speak to us which made us use our brains to figure out what he was saying which made it easier to remember things. I think overall it was a good experience and I had a good time.

Student from mixed year group at Ilkley Grammar School