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I just wanted to email you and say how grateful we are that you came in today to run the session with the year 12s. They have emailed me some feedback:

The session we had this morning was really interesting and engaging. Aftab was nice, confident and easygoing which shows that he is professional. He is a great communicator and an amazing teacher. The session was really enjoyable and informative.

The session we had today was very informative because the teacher was so approachable and people felt comfortable asking him to repeat actions, go through things again and practice with him. He also went at a steady pace that worked for everybody and made sure to not bombard us with too much information all at once. 

This was the best session for me so far. Aftab and John were both kind and made the session fun yet informative. I’ve always wanted to learn sign language but never got the chance to. After today’s session I would love to do some research and maybe even take some lessons during summer.

Having a 2 hour session with aftab was very interesting and insightful, i learned many useful signs in such a short amount of time thanks to aftabs great ways of teaching. You can tell that aftab is experienced in the field of teaching about the matter of freelancing. Now just from this lesson if feel more confident in talking to a deaf person or a person with a disability to speak. 

Incredibly eye-opening hearing about his experience and really valuable learning experience! Learnt a lot in such a short space of time, would recommend Aftab’s exceptional teaching.

Dixon Allerton School

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